Cinderella 2 Disc Special Edition DVD Review

The first film I ever saw in a movie theatre was Walt Disney’s Cinderella. I know that this will probably come across as cliché, but the experience changed my life. It begun a lifelong love affair with movies and the imaginary world created by Walt Disney.

As such, years ago, when Cinderella was first released on VHS, I was one of the first proud owners of the release. However, as anyone realizes who has seen a DVD vs. VHS film, the quality quickly eroded after various viewings. Luckily, Walt Disney Pictures has just released a two disc special edition DVD of Cinderella complete with a slew of extras.

First things first: The quality of the transfer is fantastic. The color of those infamous glass slippers has never seemed quite so brilliant and the sparks that fly when the Fairy Godmother turns that pumpkin into a coach and Cinderella into a fashion maven shine like never before. Just watching the film on DVD for the first time all over again took me back to being four years old and sitting mesmerized before a movie screen.

The DVD special edition set also includes many extras. Several deleted songs are included as well as archives from The Mickey Mouse Club starring Helene Stanley, the live action model for Cinderella. I actually recall watching re-runs of this very MMC on The Disney Channel growing up as Helene performed Cinderella with the members of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Also included are storyboards by Mary Blair, the world famous designer who created the amazing exterior design of Disneyland’s, “It’s a Small World”, attraction.

A nice treat that’s a DVD staple are the original trailers which include the re-release trailers that I recall seeing as a child. Seeing some of these trailers are like viewing your television through a time capsule.

This 2-disc special edition is, without a doubt, a must have for any Disney fan. It’s also an excellent way to introduce your child to one of the animated Disney classics and keep the torch for tradition cell animation and Disney magic alive. With special features such as the Princess Pajama Jam and new music stylings of the classic songs from the film, you’re sure to make a new fan out of your little ones.