CitiBlocs: Camouflage

Citiblocs produces building toys that are simple and allow the child to be the builder and not dictated by a theme or confined to an image on the box. The company is just two years old but making a big hit with their eco-friendly, precision cut building toys. You can find Citiblocs in natural wood, hot colors, cool colors and now camouflage. The camouflage set comes in natural shades of green and brown. The set is unassuming with 100 planks all cut to the standard size from pine. Any little builder knows this is the perfect start to any skyline, house, bridge, airplane, or new world he or she wants to create. My children let out an “ooo” and an “ahhhh” upon opening a set. That, my friend, is the sound of an imagination brewing over planks of wood ready to be formed.

What I love:

I love that Citiblocs is dedicated to giving control over to the little builders who play with the toy. Citiblocs does not force feed ideas, themes, cover images or anything to push a child in a direction. The set does come with a guide that shows you what can be built. You will be amazed what can be built with small wooden planks.

Citiblocs is safe for children as young as three yet appeals to children of all ages. I have found a toy that all my children can enjoy together on a quiet afternoon. That is golden.

I also love the price. The Camouflage set of 100 pieces is only $24.99. The price coupled with the appeal to a vast age group of children makes Citiblocs a perfect choice for birthday and Christmas presents. Any child would enjoy a set Citiblocs where he or she is in control and limited only by imagination.

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