Classes You Can Take as a Couple

Classes for couples are becoming increasingly popular for a lot of reasons. For one thing, it’s a regular date. For couples who are stuck in the seeming rut of the every day existence of kids, jobs, and home care, it can be the one time during the week that the two of you are guaranteed quality time together, away from the house.
To pursue the idea of taking classes together, the first thing you should consider is what type of class to take. It sounds easy, but agreeing on a class that you both will enjoy can be a chore.
Make sure it’s something that you both already like to do and want to learn more about or something that neither one of you know how to do and have always wanted to learn. My husband and I took homemade wine making classes together, but take whatever interest the two of you.
Art classes, ceramics, painting, anything that expresses you individually but together is good, or physical classes such as yoga or rock climbing are a good idea as well. Check out the local community colleges for lots of ideas, from a traditional ethnic cooking class to creative writing. Hands on classes are fun, too. You can learn the art of massage on each other or how to do home improvements. Improve acting classes are on the rise, and the two of you in a play could just be a hoot.
Book clubs will give the two of you something to discuss at dinner other than whose turn it is to pick up the kids tomorrow, and hang gliding lessons can jump start a relationship which has began to unravel. Local free papers often have activities listed for couples, such as dance classes or ice skating. Whatever the two of you can think of that you will find adventurous, relaxing, or as brain teaser is good for both the spirit and the relationship.
Couples who are experiencing marital problems can gain benefits from communication support groups, or take a class in marriage peer counseling. Your church or synagogue might have some couples weekends planned that the two of you might enjoy, and kayaking in a two person craft teaches trust and confidence. Other trust and confidence gaining classes for couples include martial arts and Tai Chi.
Even going to your local home improvement center on a Saturday morning is a good idea. Often these outlets have do-it-your-self classes for deck building, tiling, and small construction. The two of you could spend the next few weekends working on a project that will bring you together and increase the value of your home.
Whatever you decide to do together, relax and have fun. The point is to spend time together and learn something new that the two of you can share and pass on to your children or family as a positive experience.