Cleaning Products with Funny Names

Here’s a trick to get reluctant kids to help clean up around the house: Ask them to pass you Goo Gone, Krud Kutter or Kaboom spray.

My 6-year-old gets the giggles every time she sees me with a bottle of Goo Gone. The liquid adhesive is a popular cleaning product that removes the gummiest, grimiest, gooiest messes around the house. The oil-based solvent works wonders on grease, gum, stickers, melted crayons and tape. It is made with all-natural ingredients and has a strong citrus smell.

Krud Kutter is another heavy-duty cleaner that brings a smile to my daughter’s face when she hears me mention it. I smile too when I see the liquid cleaner cutting through tough stains. I often refer to Krud Kutter as “liquid magic,” given its powers to clean just about any substance off of just about any surface. Krud Kutter is especially effective on glass shower doors. It cuts through tough dirt and grime and then leaves behind a protective barrier that reduces the growth of future scum. What’s more, most Krud Kutter products are safe to use around children, animals, and plants.

The downside to Krud Kutter is that it is quite expensive ($45 for two gallons of the stuff). However, it does blast away mildew, mold, dirt, grease, and oil from vinyl and aluminum siding, gutters, roofing, concrete, driveways, brick, stucco, masonry, wood, and the much more. Moreover, it does not contain bleach or ammonia, so as I mentioned earlier, it is safe to use around kids and pets. In addition, Krud Kutter contains “Sporex,” an additive which eliminates spores that create mildew and other fungus.

Finally, Kaboom cleaning products are also very effective and quite funny to say. I use the Shower, Tub and Tile spray cleaner and it powers through soap scrum just like the commercial claims. It also removes dirt, calcium and lime stains from tubs and tile. The smell is a bit overpowering, in my opinion, but if you’ve got a name like “Kaboom,” one should expect to take a hit somewhere. For me it happens to be in the scent department.

Do you use any of these funny named cleaning products?

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