Cleaning Up at the Bake Sale

cake Even if you are on a tight budget, you can often help out a charity by participating in a bake sale to raise funds. If you want to make the most impact, while still being frugal, try the following tips.

Don’t Forget the Donation Jar

Sometimes people’s diets don’t allow them to buy something, although they would like to contribute. Set out a donation jar for just this purpose. Sometimes customers will purchase something and make a donation, a plus for your charity.

Accommodate Different Diets

If you have a variety of different goods for different lifestyles and diets, you can accommodate almost anyone and increase your sales. Ask volunteers to prepare items that are sugar free or gluten free or even dairy free. Make sure there are plenty of selections without nuts because of allergies.

Package it Prettily

Packing up several items, such as three or four cookies is not only convenient for your customers, but it also will increase your sales, since you are selling more items at once. A pretty package will attract more customers, so use decorated bags, ribbons and more to make your bake sale items stand out.

Bake to the Season or a Theme

Each year at our fall school baked sale, it is the leaf cookies and the pumpkin cookie pops that sell out the quickest. Tie some of the offerings into the season, or take advantage of a theme. For example, sprinkles in the school colors or fondant decorations of the team mascot may make the products fly off of the table.

Make a Nice Display

Arrange your items in a nice way. There is no need to overload the tables, just replace items with new ones as they get sold. Use a real table cloth and attractive baskets. Don’t forget to include a sign that mentions the cause you are supporting.

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