Cleaning Your Rubber Stamps

Keeping your rubber stamps clean is important. You want to make sure that the residue is gone and that your images come out crisp and clear each time you use the stamp.

But what is the best product to clean your stamps with?

That’s really a matter of choice. But here are a few options for you to try and see what you like best.

Baby Wipes

Many scrapbookers use baby wipes to clean their stamps. Baby wipes offer an affordable cleaner as well as being easy to find and easy to use. You can just dab the stamp on the baby wipe to clean the ink off and the wipe can be re-used several times before going onto the next one.

Close To My Heart Spritz Cleaner and Double Scrubber

This product received rave reviews from most stampers and scrapbookers. The product is specifically made for rubber stamps and does an excellent job of getting the ink and residue off your stamps. These can be ordered through your Close To My Heart Consultant.

Staz On Cleanser

Specifically designed for Staz On Ink. This cleanser makes it easier to remove the Staz On Ink you use with your stamps.

Kiss Off Stain Remover Stick

Stampers love this product for cleaning rubber stamps that got Brilliance or StazOn ink stuck in the crevices. It is also handy for cleaning stray ink marks off tools and acrylic mounts. It is slightly abrasive and may leave small scratches on acrylic and metal if you scrub with it.

Stamp Scrubber

Stamp scrubbers consist of a 4.5″ x 7.5″ plastic case with a scrubbing pad inside the case. Add a little water or stamp cleaner on half of the scrubbing pad and leave the other half dry. When you are done stamping simply rub your stamp across the wet half of the scrubbing pad a couple of times and then across the dry side a couple of times. Your stamp is now clean and dry.

Ranger Water Based Cleaner

This is a nice mild cleaner from the inkssentials collection that conditions rubber and polymer stamps as you clean them. You can either spray it onto your scrubber or directly onto the stamp and then scrub the stamp to remove ink from the creases.

A few extra stamping tips:

When the oils from your hands make the acrylics not stick any more to the block and/or the mylar mounting sheet, use Dawn dish washing soap to clean both the stamps and the sheet.

DO NOT use the rubbing alcohol on your stamps or acrylic blocks or you can get hairline cracks in your block.

Expect some staining on your stamps. Over time it becomes more difficult to remove certain inks.

Above all, get lots of use out of those great stamps you purchased. Be creative and have fun! And please, feel free to share your ideas with me! I’d love to see what you’ve created!