Clear Out Your Extra Scrapbook Items

If you have been scrapbooking for while, you most likely have a stash of items that you haven’t used for a long time and most likely will not be using. Why not clear those items from you scrap space? Not only will you be more organized, you can share your unused items with others.

Sorting your unused and unneeded scrapbook items is key to the success for removing clutter from your scrapbook space. I would like to suggest a few categories for organizing your stuff.

Donate. Schools, child centers, and girl or boy scouts always welcome crafts items. You could even volunteer to go into your child’s classroom and do a project with the children using your extra scrapbooking supplies.

Swap. You could organize a scrapbook swap at your home. Invite your friends to come over and bring their scrapbook items. Set up a point system, possibly based on the monetary value of the item and give the donor that many points to spend at the swap. Use small stickers to mark each item with the number of points it costs to buy the item. This should help to keep the swap fair and not leave anyone feeling cheated. Everyone can go home with items that are new and exciting.

Sell. I have had some success selling extra scrapbook items on eBay. Things that tend to do well are larger lots with a variety of items. This could be a quick, easy way to unload all of your extra goods at one time. I would not recommend selling each item separately because you have a fee on each sale and all of the bother of packaging each item and mailing to different buyers would make it more trouble that it is worth.

Gift. Extra scrapbooking supplies would make a great gift for a child’s birthday. Make sure that they are in top condition and still in the original packaging since you don’t want your gift to look used.

Trash. Sadly, some items just aren’t worth saving. If you have been planning on repairing a tool for over a year now, it probably just isn’t going to happen. Consider throwing it away so clear more space and relieve yourself of the stress of needing to fix it when you know deep down that you will never repair it.

Be brave. You can get rid of some scrapbook items. I know it is sometimes hard to part with things, but I’m sure you will be glad you did.