Clipping Your Cat’s Claws: Is There An Easy Way?

spotted catCats are funny about many things, having their claws clipped ranking high among them. Although my current cats are all de-clawed, I did have two or three in my checkered past that weren’t. I can’t say that I have perfected anything over the years, much less the art of clipping a cat’s claws, but I have learned a few tricks that I am more than willing to pass on, that is, as long as my cats aren’t looking.

Let me first say that I once had a tomcat named Goliath who for some strange reason, simply loved to have his claws clipped. He would actually hold his paws out to me and watch, fascinated as I snipped, snipped and then snipped some more. He hated being brushed or combed, but this aspect of pet care he not only tolerated, but also loved. This is highly unusual, and I have never heard of another cat that responded that way to the clippers. Here’s what’s more likely to occur.

You probably won’t get all ten nails at once. Don’t expect to. A cat’s attention span when it comes to humans doing anything at all to them is like the wind, and your pet may get suddenly upset and decide that you and your clippers are no longer any fun. According to CAWS (The Community Animal Welfare Society), the best time to clip a cat’s claws is a quiet time for both cat and cat owner (if there ever can be such a thing). If you have a young cat, get it used to the idea early, and then it won’t be a traumatic turn of events whenever “clipping time” comes around.

Start the process slowly. Even with my Goliath, our clipping time was a ritual of having him first smell the clippers and then getting into position and the sweet-talking and so forth. By the way, make sure you use the proper clippers. NOTHING ELSE WILL DO!

It is recommended that a cat’s nails be clipped every two to six weeks depending on the cat. I say, depending on the owner, it is recommended that you prepare yourself for this important aspect of pet care, not that anyone can ever be prepared for anything when it comes to a cat!

Happy Clipping!

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