Clutter Slows You Down

You may think that you need your mess and stacks of papers and things to be creative and motivated; you may even be one of those people who claims that you know right where everything is and that the mess is YOUR mess—but the truth is, clutter slows us down in our home businesses. The time we spend shuffling, hunting and sorting is time we could spend more productively and time that could directly compute into added income.

It is really common sense—it takes time to rummage and try to figure out where you left that important piece of paper. Sure, it might make you feel creative to see those big stacks of things and it might also make you feel busy, important, or whatever—but it is slowing you down and it does make for a less efficient operation when it comes to your home business.

Many of us who work at our own businesses at home know that time is at a premium—we need to make the most of the time we have and we often find ourselves juggling multiple obligations. Having to hunt and peck and search for just that right invoice or the contract or other important piece of paper sucks up that time. It can make it so that we get behind, or worse yet, we appear disorganized and inefficient in front of a client or customer.

Taking the time to clear away clutter and put together systems for keeping track of your work stuff is time well spent. I know you might be thinking that you just don’t have the time to dedicate to organizing things—but the fact is, you really cannot afford NOT to when it comes to time management. Clear the clutter and watch how much more efficiently your business day goes.