Coffee and Scrapbooking – Organization and Storage You’ll Love

If you have been reading the scrapbooking blog for any period of time at all, you would know that finding innovative scrapbook storage is a major goal for me. On everything from ribbon storage to finding a way to store pens and markers, to finding items in weird places, I am always on the watch for something new!

I have discovered a way to enjoy two of my favorite things, well perhaps three when you think of organization. I am a major coffee drinker and periodically I treat myself to the Starbucks or Godiva chocolate coffee drinks you can buy at the store. Ever paid attention to those attractive little bottles they come in? They look a whole lot like a certain popular paper flower company jars!

Enjoy the coffee beverage yourself, or see if a friend who enjoys them wouldn’t mind saving the jars for you. Clean them out very well. The labels are fairly easy to remove, but if you have any problems at all, soaking in hot water for about 15 minutes usually does the trick. Wash the entire jar with soap and water getting all of the sticky residue off.

Fill the jars with brads, paper flowers, eyelets, ribbon, small chipboard alphabets, beads, glitter, and just about anything else your heart desires.

If you don’t like the look of the plain jar, spruce it up a little with some altered art. Enjoy adding ribbon, papers or just an attractive label. You can place these on a ladder spice rack or simply place them in clusters on your shelves.

Should I tell you that my coffee drinking has increased lately since I discovered that the jars now come in 13.7 ounce size too! More embellishments fit inside them and I love the graduated look on my shelves. While the drinks are pricey, (almost $1.70 here), having a unique and attractive organizing supply might be worth it at the end?

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