Collage Tips for Scrapbookers

I’ve already discussed the art of collage, so here are some useful tips and tricks to consider as you create your collage:

Use a non-permanent adhesive to stick down the different elements on the page. This way, if you don’t like the way you placed everything, you can just remove it and place it somewhere else. There are repositionable glues out there that make collage work easier.

Don’t use metal right directly on your photographs. I’ve already encouraged you to either spray with a archival spray on the papers, but keep in mind that these metals can damage the photographs just as much as acids can.

Try your hand at a card or tag before you leap into a huge layout.

Consider using some of the new paints, or clays on your collage. You could even try some stitching or using fabrics on your collage.

Scan, resize, and print stamps, newspaper articles, magazine pictures and more, for use on your collage. This allows you the ability to resize them to make them fit better, and to ensure that the papers you are using are acid free.

Remember that your photos should STILL be your primary focus when scrapbooking.

There are collage papers available that are already “collaged” for you. You don’t have to do the collage yourself, just purchase the papers and it will look like you did it.

If you are using metals or any other heavy embellishment, use a strong adhesive.

Always allow your collage to dry before trying to add anything major or before placing into a page protector (or closing a book that might not take a page protector).

Use inks, chalks, stamp pads or whatever, to go around the edges of the different layered pieces of paper you use on your collage.

If you find similar items, or items that are all the same color palette or manufacturer, it makes for a more uniformed collage look. It’s also easier to begin with because everything matches anyway.

Just remember, although it’s a scrapbook technique – it’s still meant to be fun and you’re allowed your own creativity! So use it!!

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