Collecting Travel Memorabilia

When traveling, there are so many fun items that you can collect to include in your albums. Many of these items will be objects that you find throughout your daily adventures. I would also like to suggest things that you can photograph to help you capture the essence of your vacation. These items can really help you tell the story of your entire experience.

Watch for these and any other fun items throughout your travels.

Foreign currency

Movie Tickets

Play/Musical Ticket Stubs

Restaurant napkins

Takeout menus

Sporting Event Ticket Stubs

Hotel Key

Museum Brochures

Train Passes







Attraction tickets


I like to collect as much as I can on vacation and then sort through it once I am home. If I can collect many items, hopefully that won’t be anything left behind. It is always better to have a many things to choose from to document your memories. If you decide not you use something, you can just throw it away or file it for later use.

If you include any of these items in your scrapbook, I recommend treating them a spray that will neutralize the acid in the paper based items such as Archival Mist.

There are usually many great opportunities to take pictures of your friends or family while on vacation. But if you only photograph people, you may miss you on fully capturing your vacation. Try to take pictures of things that will bring back memories of a great smell (fresh ocean breeze or field of flowers) or mouthwatering meal (deep dish pizza in Chicago or a baguette in Paris.) Here are few ideas to get you started on things to photograph while on vacation.

Food – maybe even take a before, during and after photo of your plate


A back street or alley

Group of locals



Street signs

Local transportation (cabs, buses, subways)

Zoom in on the details and remember to take lots of pictures.

Have a great trip!

I’d love to hear about different things you have collected for your travel scrapbooks.