What do you collect if anything? I love cookie jars. If I had more space, I’d collect them. There are so many styles and I really love the ones that look like cute little characters. I probably wouldn’t even put cookies in them, since I never store cookies in the ceramic one I have. It is more of a catchall and usually contains spools of thread, safety pins, odd buttons, and change. It’s kind of a tan color with a pear painted on the side. I like it fine, but I still wouldn’t mind collecting some of those adorable ones that are available.

And, what about salt and pepper shakers? They are just too cute. My favorite ones were those I had years ago that looked like a hamburger and a cheeseburger. They only cost a buck at the dollar store, but I had to have them. They matched a ceramic cheeseburger that a friend had made for me in high school ceramics. My first kitchen looked like a diner, and I thought it was pretty cool. I still have that stuff around here somewhere, for sentimental reasons, but I don’t have room to collect salt and pepper shakers either.

Wine glasses are another story. Those I collect. I don’t really have the space for them either, but I seem to find room when I find some I can’t live without. They can be plain or fancy, glass or crystal; I love them all.

I have one other collection and it is really special to me. I have a coffee mug from every state my husband has traveled to with work. He started bringing them home for me years ago, knowing I love coffee, as his way of letting me know he was thinking of me. Isn’t he the sweetest? Since that time we have added to my collection in our travels together. Any time we visit a different state, I get a mug (if I don’t already have one from there).

At last count, I had about half of the United States covered. Someday, I’ll have them all, even if it means collecting the last few as we travel through our golden years.

I’d love to hear about your collections too!