Colleges and Universities That Have Accepted Homeschoolers

Today’s blog is a continuation from my last one regarding homeschoolers and college. While many colleges are now considering homeschoolers, I thought that you might like to see a list of schools that have accepted homeschool students.

I found the following list from The Everything Homeschooling Book which has compiled a list of colleges / universities that have accepted homeschoolers. Not that this list is complete of all colleges, but it does list some well recognized schools that your child may be considering. If the school that your child is looking at is not listed on here still contact that school to find out their policies regarding homeschoolers. Chances are your child will still be considered for acceptance.

A small sampling of the colleges / universities who have accepted homeschooled students:

• Auburn University
• Baylor University
• Brigham Young University
• Bryn Mawr College
• Christendom College
• Clemson University
• Cornell University
• Dartmouth College
• Georgetown University
• Harvard University
• Indiana University
• Johns Hopkins University
• Mary Baldwin College
• New York University
• Northwestern University
• Ohio State University
• Patrick Henry College
• Rosemont College
• Texas A&M
• Thomas Aquinas College
• University of Arizona
• University of California
• University of Colorado
• University of Florida
• University of Georgia
• University of Pennsylvania
• University of Minnesota
• University of Washington
• Yale University

I hope that you find this list helpful and encouraging when looking for schools for your homeschooler. I also want to remind you to contact the school that your child is interested in to see what their requirements for admission are. With this knowledge you can make sure that your child takes the appropriate courses and can be confident that they are ready for college.