Color Sorting For Organization

Color sorting has become a favorite, easy to use way, for scrapbookers to organize their dozens of different supplies. Using a color sort to do this, often makes finding what you want, much easier, coordinating your layouts better, and just generally help to create a more balanced, clean look, in your scrapbook area.

But what supplies do you organize by color? What methods do you use?

Every scrapbookers needs, tend to be different from the next, so mainly, it is about finding what works best for you.

However, there is some help I can provide. I can help explain how I have my supplies sorted.


I have these separated in file folders by the different color families, with the exception of some of my patterned papers. I tend to organize some by companies, or by what actually coordinates.


Again, these are separated by colors. I use jars to hold the various colors and types. However, next to the jars, I do have a hodge podge filled basket with fibers that are still on their original cards. I don’t want to make a mess of what I don’t need to use yet.


I have these separated by colors, except I have them on spools hanging on a dowel rod. There are a few loose ribbons I have, and those are all in jars sorted by color. The jars are fairly small, and it keeps me using my stash, if I keep the jars small and they start to fill up.

Stickers and Diecuts:

Letter stickers I have sorted by colors. Other stickers I have tried to sort by color, but themes work better for me. Same with the die cuts.


My idea of embellishments is pretty much everything that doesn’t fall into one of the categories above. Things like eyelets, brads, beads, buttons, flowers, and on and on, are stored by the different item first, and then color. For instance, buttons, eyelets and brads are not all in the same place. But they all are sorted by color.

All items are still stored in my scrapbook room, by item type. Meaning I don’t keep all yellow things together.

As I’ve said before, it’s about what works for you. That is what is most important. Find your style and organizing vibe and go for it!