Coloring With Colored Pencils

Obviously there are a dozen different ways you can incorporate colored pencil coloring into your scrapbooking. From titles, to journaling, to embellishments to clip art, there are so many great ways to use it. However, another fun use for colored pencils is coloring your stamped images. These stamped images can then be used for cards or adhered to a scrapbook layout.

Colored pencils are great fun to use because they allow for a couple of different looks depending on how you use them to color.

If you use a sharpened colored pencil, which I actually do not recommend very often, the outcome will produce coloring that has lines through it when you are finished. You should see this in the image presented. This can look great if you very gently use the tip. But applying any type of pressure at all will make it much more noticeable which is not typically a result someone is looking for. You are really looking for more of a blended effect.

Using a dull colored pencil is a much better option in it allows a very uniform overall look. A dull pencil allows for a lot more flexibility and freedom in your art and your coloring projects.

Taking a colored pencil and pressing the pencil gently to the paper while you are coloring, produces a very soft, subtle color and overall look.

Another technique to try with colored pencils is to press the pencil firmly to the paper and coloring with a bit more pressure to produce a much darker finished result.

Using the pencils with an even pressure produces a uniform colored look that is neither dark nor light, but shows a pretty colored pencil look.

Please be sure to check out other beginner stamping techniques located in the scrapbooking blog and watch for additional techniques to be posting soon.

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