Common Prices for Yard Sale Items

toys From furniture to toys, pricing your yard sale items properly can mean the difference between making a good amount of money and having a lot of leftover stuff. And don’t think that you can just have another yard sale later for the stuff that didn’t sell. Yard sale shoppers will remember those addresses that had high prices and are likely to avoid them.

In general, here are some suggested prices for common items at a yard sale that will make them sell quickly:

Books: 25 cents for paperbacks and $1 for hardcovers. Offer a bundle deal such as 5 paperbacks for $1 or 5 hardbacks for $4.

Clothing: Children’s clothing can go from 50 cents to $3, depending on the brand and condition. Clothes that are pressed on hangers will sell for more than clothes in a bin. A snowsuit could be priced up to $5. Adult clothing should be more than $2, unless the piece is really something special.

Electronics: Price electronics in good condition for about 1/3 of the purchase price, unless the electronics were purchased the same year or are still unopened in the original packaging, then you can go up to half. Forget the old cell phones. Donate them instead.

Toys: Group small toys together (such as fast food toys) in a clear plastic bag and sell the entire bag for $1 or $2. Ride on toys and large outside toys can command up to $10 if they are in good condition and normally sell for $50 or more. Everyday toys should be priced from 50 cents to $2.

Furniture: If you missed my earlier post about general yard sale pricing, I’ll repeat just a bit of it here. Anything that is expensive or that you want to get more than $10 for should be sold elsewhere, such as in an ad on Craigslist, on Ebay or on consignment. That said, price most furniture at $10 or less. If your item is special or in excellent condition, such as a couch or a great table that you still want to try at your sale, price the piece at one-third of the retail price. Grouping furniture items together, such as a set of pillows with that couch or a hutch with a desk can increase your sale.

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