Common Reasons Why Children Do Not Like to Read

I have written a few articles about how children do not seem to have a desire to read. Fewer children are reading for fun. The desire to read gets lesser as the children get older. Because reading is very important in our daily lives, it is important for teachers to encourage children to read. However for some teachers this is a real struggle.

When asked why they do not enjoy reading, it seems that some answers pop up repeatedly among those who are asked. These answers can be heard from persons responding form the age of 6 all the way to the age of 51.

Check below to see if you have heard any of these same excuses from your children or students.

Reading hurts my eyes and gives me a headache.
Some people find it painful to read due to scotopic sensitivity syndrome or other vision troubles.

If I read aloud I am afraid that someone will make fun of me.
Many children are afraid that speech troubles may be recognized when reading.

I do not like the things that the teacher makes me read.
Children do not like the feeling of teachers or others choosing the things that they read.

I do not want to start a book because I will have to finish it.
Many children feel that if they begin a book then they will have to finish it even if they do not like it.

I can’t understand what I am reading.
Some children do not enjoy reading due to low comprehension skills.

I am not a good reader and will have to pick books below my level.
Some children feel hopeless when they fall behind and give up.

I am afraid I will give the wrong response to a book.
Some children are afraid of stating and forming their own opinions about a book.

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