Common Symptoms of Colic

Colic is a condition that many babies struggle with, consisting of a lot of crying. It is a difficult time as you watch your child, finding that little helps to bring him or her comfort. The good news is that there are options but the first step is to determine if colic is actually the problem. After all, some babies cry more than others do so to help you identify the problem, we have listed some of the common symptoms associated with a colicky baby.

Excessive crying is usually the first sign. For this, the baby cries even when having a dry diaper, full tummy, and lots of snuggles. The challenge for the parent is that beyond crying, the only other real symptom is the child pulling his or her knees upward toward the chest. This is believed to help pass trapped gas causing the pain.

There are different types of colic to include infant colic, biliary colic, and urinary colic. Of these, infant colic is the most common. Although symptoms will vary somewhat from baby to baby, there are definite symptoms across the board. Fr example, long crying spells, especially at night, normal appearance and actions except while crying, crying often stops when held, flushed face, pouting or frowning, cold feet, lifting head and passing gas, refusal to eat, peaceful sleep after a crying episode, and pulling legs to the chest are all common.

By paying close attention to your baby, you should have a good idea if the problem could be colic. If you notice these and possibly other signs, you should schedule time with the pediatrician. Having a baby that cries loud, often, or continuous is stressful for the baby and for the parent. While it may take several tries to find the right solution, remember there are options available and that colic is only a temporary problem.

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