Common Themes for Scrapbooking Parties

Hosting a scrapbooking party, workshop or crop? Trying to come up with a theme for it, can be challenging. You will want to focus on a theme that can work for you decoration, food and even supply wise. I don’t recommend themes that require massive costumes, simply because at that point, your scrapbooking buddies won’t be able to scrapbook because their costumes get in the way.

So how do you come up with a theme for a scrapbooking party or crop? Well, it isn’t a whole lot different than hooking yourself up with a great birthday party theme either. Here are the most common themes for scrapbooking parties.

Luau – Anything Hawaiian is perfectly acceptable at a party like this. Purchase cheap grass skirts and secure them around the edges of the tables, provide Lei’s for each person in attendance, serve pineapple and tropical fruit beverages and find some music that fits the mood.

Chocolate – Is there a scrapbooker alive that doesn’t love chocolate? Okay so maybe there is, but have each person bring a chocolate item to share and dig in. Be sure and provide a place for everyone to wash their hands so they don’t get little chocolate smudges all over everything.

Decade Themes – You know, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s? Create a whole theme around a decade and serve popular snacks, music and other items from that decade. You can always work on layouts from that decade as well.

Alphabet Party – Typically this theme involves some kind of prize at the end and each letter of the alphabet revolves around a scrapbook supply, a technique or something else. Whoever finishes the alphabet (uses all the letters that night for a scrapbook layout, project, etc.) wins.

Honestly, finding your own theme for your scrapbooking party or other get together is as easy as checking out popular birthday party themes. Get creative, decorate with gusto and have a really fun time. After all, that’s what it is all about.