Community Yard Sale Tips

Are you thinking of joining a community yard sale? Here are some tips made especially for you. They will help you get the biggest and best sales in the neighborhood.

I’m not one to usually hold yard sales, but I definitely recommend participating if your community sponsors a yard sale. There will be people and cars flocking by your home anyway, so taking advantage of this to clean out your stuff and make some money is usually a good idea. These sales are usually advertised well, and most people like them because they can hit multiple sales in one shot.

If you happen to be at or near the beginning of the sale, then you will do well just by the fact that many people will visit your first. They may be tired or spend their money by the time they reach the end of the sale. If you aren’t one of the first houses or end houses (depending on how your community is laid out), consider joining up with a neighbor closer to the front and sell your stuff at her house. The extra benefit is that you can give each other a break from the sale to rest or go shopping yourselves.

Another tip about participating in the community yard sale is to be a bit slow in packing up. we visited a community yard sale today a bit late and were willing to do some shopping. Some folks packed up a bit early before the sale officially ended, but the people that stuck around made out. Behind us were several more cars looking for deals.

Next offer some refreshments or get the kids on the act with a drink or food stand. One house giving away free pretzels with a sale gave the kids the energy to stick it through the yard sale and a few more beyond.

Lastly, talk about the next sale. One lady looking for a certain size of clothes was told by an owner that their would be a ton of that size available at the next sale. The shopper jotted down the house number and agreed to come back.

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