Company Fundraises for Third-World Libraries

If there’s anything a homeschooling family loves, relies on, and can’t live without, it’s the public library.

I recently learned about Gone Reading International, LLC, which is a non-profit organization with the goal of raising money to bring books into areas that don’t have easy access to reading. And how does it work?

Check out this awesome website and all the cute merchandise on it. When you purchase a gift (or hey, let’s be honest, we need to treat ourselves once in a while too), 100% of the profits from each sale go to fund a library in a developing area. This commitment is actually part of their company charter.

bradOne of the countries being helped by Gone Reading is Honduras. President of the company Brad Wirz is pictured here with some Honduran children during a recent trip he took to help build a library down there. He admits that he’s not much help in the physical aspect of library building, so that’s why he’s putting his money where his mouth is and working to fund those persons who do have library-building skills. He quit his full-time job so he could devote his energy to getting this company off the ground—the trip to Honduras was literally life-changing for him and his family.

Literacy is a crucially needed skill. If you can read, you can do anything. You can improve your quality of life. You can make the world a better place. You can educate your children. You can volunteer and make your community stronger. These statements are true whether you live in a developing country or if you live in a thriving metropolis—we all need to read. We all need the enlightenment and growth that comes from a good book. We should all be seeking ways to better ourselves and inspire our families and friends.

I’m excited to hear about companies like this that are doing everything they can to bring education to areas where it’s so hard to attain and to help these people learn how to read and enjoy the world of reading as much as I do.

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