Completed Layout Storage Ideas From a Stacker (2)

Yesterday I asked if you were a stacker. So are you? In other words, do you let your layouts pile up before you get them into your albums? Many scrapbookers do this because they want to keep their layouts in order, without having to disassemble a scrapbook album each time they complete a layout.

I am offering up some great storage ideas from other scrapbookers to help you out with your stacking problem. Although I still encourage you to get them into albums as soon as possible, in the meantime here are a few more storage ideas:

Plastic Drawers/Containers

Other methods of storage include plastic drawer carts or plastic containers. There are pro’s and con’s of each. With the plastic Iris style carts, you are limited to number of categories as to number of drawers available. Not to mention if the drawers are not deep enough, you run the risk of over filling the drawer and causing damage to the layout. Even with a page protector you can wind up scratching or wrinkling a layout by jamming a drawer shut. With storage containers, the method is better because you can purchase one for each theme or category you plan to create an album for. However, the negative part of this, is that these containers are often large and bulky and take up a LOT of space. Either way you go, they probably a safer method of storage protecting your layouts from moisture, and damage.

3 Ring Binder

For awhile this was my preferred method because it was easy to locate what I wanted. Three ring binders come in many sizes, and I was using two 3” binders to store my completed layouts. The benefit of the binders is that they make storage very easy and quite compact. If you have slipped your layout into a page protector, securing it within the rings is easy, and removing it is the same. You can categorize by having different binders for each theme or album you plan to do, or you can simply insert page tabs inside the binders to separate them – this is especially helpful when using a larger three ring binder. The binders store easily on a bookshelf, and can still be enjoyed until you get them into their final home.

Can you think of any other ways that you might be able to store those stacks of layouts? Do you do something different? Please share your ideas with all of us stackers!

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