Completing School Layouts

Commemorating your child’s school years, is almost as important as completing a baby book for each child. In fact, from personal experience, most children are much more likely to enjoy looking at recent photographs of themselves, than looking at photographs that don’t really resemble them at all. Children absolutely love looking at scrapbooks, especially at pictures of them doing things they enjoy. The joy of scrapbooking school memories, is that your child can be involved in each process.

There are several different ways that scrapbookers choose to display school layouts. Some enjoy creating a yearly school album. Some continue to add pages to an album each year, and when it gets full, they begin another. And still some put the layouts in a general family album. While there certainly is no right or wrong way to store your albums and layouts, or organize them, there is still a need to create these special layouts for your child.

So what exactly are you supposed to scrapbook besides their school picture? Well, there are a lot of opportunities for scrapbook layouts during a typical school year. Here is just a small sampling:

  • Favorite/Least Favorite Classes/Teachers
  • Celebrations and School Parties
  • Awards and Certificates/Other Achievements
  • Report Cards
  • Milestones (Learning to read, learning multiplication tables, etc.)
  • Special Days (100 Days of School, Assemblies, etc.)
  • and much more!

I have been diligently working on trying to get caught up on all five of my children’s school layouts. We had many new things occur this year – two started middle school, two started a new school district, two began playing an instrument in band and one in regular music class, and two have won achievement awards for their excellent grades, among countless other special events. All of these things I wish to recognize and commemorate in albums for them.

Over the course of the next several weeks I will be adding several articles on creating school related layouts, as I work on my own family scrapbooks. Watch the scrapbook blog for several “how to” articles focusing on the creation of layouts about school events. To leave you with one today, here is an adorable extremely simple layout I did a couple of years ago, when my daughter had a rainy day indoor recess at school. I just so happened to be at the school that day with a camera in my purse and was able to capture some photographs of her and her friends and their “rainy day fun”. My daughter loves this layout because nobody else in our family has pictures or a scrapbook layout about their indoor recess. Funny what makes a child happy.

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