Computer Dictionary: D

Ready for the “D” list? Here are a bunch of words and phrases related to computers and technology. Did you know that there are some cases in the world of computers where it is okay to say “Damn?”

DAB: DAB or Digital Audio Broadcasting is also known as digital radio or high-definition radio. With DAB, a regular analog radio signal is converted to a digital signal and translated over a regular FM or AM frequency range. Users must have a receiver equipped to handle the DAB. First deployed in the United Kingdom in 1995, DAB is very popular through Europe. It is said to offer several advantages over traditional radio, such as improved sound quality and better immunity to interference.

Damn Small Linux: This term refers to a compact version of the Linux computer operating system. It requires much less space and power than would a full-sized normal version of an operating system. The compact size is a cost-cutting measure that some computer manufacturers employee, allowing them to produce inexpensive computer systems. A good example of this is the “$100 laptop.”

Data Warehouse: A data warehouse is just what it sounds like it should be, a place that hold all sorts of data. This data is gathered in one central location, where a group of users can access it for different applications, usually on a mainframe server. The term can refer to either a virtual collection of data, such as on a network, or a physical location, such as a room with the servers and computers that hold the data.

Server: A dedicated server refers to a computer that includes a web server and is used exclusively for the web hosting of a website. A dedicated server is usually needed for a website that is very large or one that is very popular and has a lot of data going back and forth. You’ll often hear the term dedicated server when researching companies to host your website. Some hosting companies actually rent out space on someone else’s server to host a site, especially if the site is small.

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