Computer Issues

A few weeks ago a memory strip in my computer went wonky. Nothing showed up on the screen. I had no idea what the issue was so like anyone who is clueless about something they need I panicked. I called my husband as if there was something he could do from work. I told my children to never touch my computer again as it decided to black out while my daughter was playing a Barbie computer game. I began to think about all I had stored on my computer from pictures to articles to the beginning of a book. All my bookmarks, saved passwords, and ability to work had vanished in mere seconds. It was then that I looked to my right and saw my son’s computer. I decided to take over his school computer. Sadly, I had no idea what my passwords were and there were no cookies on his computer that I relied upon heavily on my own. Yet, I managed to get by and get back to work. My panic eased as working from my computer was my main concern. Most of my pictures were stored on an image hosting site and my work was online.

It has been a few weeks and still I wait for the warranty memory strip to be sent to the computer store. So, my computer is “in the shop” so to speak. I have now made my son’s computer and desk my new home. There are no more signs of an 11 year old boy at this desk save the school books, football, and Frisbee under the desk. My items are in a storage bin on top of the desk along with an organizer that used to hold a few Legos and football cards now filled with pens and notepads. My son was all too happy to provide me the space I needed. That was until now I have grown accustomed to his space. It is in a corner and I have full view of my dining room and living room. It’s cozy and the screen is not facing the whole world but the user. I have been known to take my break watching Netflix and eating lunch at my desk. I am all too comfortable. My son is now after a few weeks asking when I am getting my old computer back. Do I have to get it back? I just may trade spaces with him upon its arrival.

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Richele is a Christian homeschooling mom to four children, writer and business owner. Her collegiate background is in educational psychology. Although it never prepared her for playing Candyland, grading science, chasing a toddler, doing laundry and making dinner at the same time.