Computing News Roundup for October 17th

All the news that is fit to read. Today, it is all about social networking and protecting users. Facebook has some new policies in place to help with that, and parents are warned that the things that their children say can cause them, the parents, to lose their jobs or even a mortgage. Here are the top stories in technology and computing for October 17th, 2007

Facebook Takes Action Against Predators

The Facebook website is known for its ability to help people connect and network. And now the popular website is taking action against predators, to protect its online users.

New precautions that are being made on the site include a new safety disclosure for parents that will help them understand the dangers and protect their children and a more efficient process to place complaints about unsavory behavior and to report users. This complaint process will cover both unsolicited sexual advances and any inappropriate content.

These new steps can make Facebook more attractive or accepted to parents. In the past, the website has been keeping a very low profile concerning safety and predators.

Kids Getting Parents in Trouble Online

One good piece of advice to children and teens posting anything online is that it can get them into trouble. Anything they post online could possibly come back to haunt them when it comes time to apply to a job or a private school or college. But, posting certain information online can also hurt their parents, resulting in job loss, job demotion or reprimands at work. The types of secrets that can get a parent in trouble include complaints about the job or marital strife and relationship issues. Even a mention about a possible lay off could affect whether or not a parent can get a mortgage. It is important to warn children and teens that they need to leave their family life at home and away the computer.

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