Computing News Roundup for October 3, 2007

Are people still angry about the iPhone price reduction? You bet; and they are taking action. Find out the details to this story and other in the computing news roundup for October 3, 2007.

iPhone Anger

In New York City, Donmei Li is suing Apple Inc. for its decision to reduce the price on the 8GB iPhone by $200 and to discontinue the 4GB iPhone. Li is seeking $1 million in damages, saying the price reduction injured her and others like her who cannot resell the iPhone for the same profit as those customers who bought the phone after the price cut. Apple apologized for its price cut, refunding the difference to anyone who purchased a phone within 14 days of the price cut and giving all others who purchased the phone at a higher price a $100 credit. Okay, I can understand being annoyed at the price cut. I get the same feeling when I buy anything that goes on sale at a later date, but $1 million dollars?!? Are you kidding me?

Video Games vs Cheaters

The video game industry is attempting to crack down on video game cheaters, those players who fiddle with the code or download hacking patches that allow them to shoot faster, jump levels and otherwise become invincible in the games. Previous to now, such behavior was overlooked or even encouraged in the industry, but that is going to change. You see, virtual goods are a hot commodity out in the real world, with players paying good real money for the virtual stuff. This is especially true with online games. A recent transaction (against the rules of play) showed someone paying $420 for 6,000 pieces of virtual gold in World of Warcraft. Video game makers are cracking down on the cheating, since it could throw off the game’s structure and economy, reducing the potential for game play.

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