Computing Review August 25th Through August 31st

Video games, blogs, digital cameras, the iPhone and more. it has been a busy week here in the Computing Blog. I am happy to say that we have had two guest bloggers this week offering a fresh perspective on all things involving technology. If you missed their blogs or anything else this week, well, now is the time for a quick review.

Here is the Computing Blog week in review for August 25th Through August 31st

August 25th

Your Blog: Doing Link Exchanges

One of the things out there in blog-land is the practice of link exchanges. These exchanges can drive more traffic to your blog, create a network of online blogging friends, and introduce you to people who share similar interests.

August 26th

Computing Review: August 18th Through August 24th

Have you been trying out your digital camera tips? If so, I would love to hear about your great photos. But if you missed those article, or even if you want a quick review, check below for a list of last week’s blogs.

August 27th

Penny Arcade Expo: PAX 2007

I spent the weekend in heaven… geek heaven, that is. The boys, my husband, and I went to PAX 2007 in Seattle. The Penny Arcade Expo is a three-day game festival for video, desktop, and table gamers. It’s grown steadily in size since it debuted in 2004, doubling every year. This year it took up the Seattle Convention Center.

Penny Arcade Expo: PAX 2007 (Part II)

The Expo was very well thought out. There was a main exhibition hall that was one huge light and noise show. Companies did what they could in the space allotted, vying for the attention (and future dollars) of the gaming community. It was easy to tell the posers from the people who actually knew their market. thoughtfully set up carpeting with lush padding underneath for all the feet tired of concrete. They even had a couch in front of a big screen to play on. It was a very popular booth. was doing a brisk business, smartly setting up near some of the war games. Very few of the booths were selling anything; instead they were building their customer base. Most had giveaways of one kind or another

Violent “Manhunt 2” Approved for Release in U.S.

You may remember an article I wrote back in June about the ultra violent video game, Manhunt 2, produced by software company TakeTwo. Britain was one of the first to ban the game from being released in that country. At the time of the original article, it was unclear about what the fate of the game would be in the U.S.

August 28th

Your Blog: “About Me”

Many blogs offer an “About Me” section that gives readers the opportunity to get to know the blogger a little bit better. The majority of bloggers tend to skip this section, either leaving it absent or filling it with cursory information. But here is why you should provide a good “About Me” section, and some tips about what to put in it.

August 29th

Video Games for The iPhone

There is a good chance that you will soon see video games coming to the Apple iPhone. Several companies, including Apple itself, are possibly working on bringing new software games to this device. while iPhone users can already play some games through the Safari browser, so far, there have been no video games that are native to the iPhone.

August 30th

PlayFirst Downloadable Computer Games

If you haven’t checked out the offerings from PlayFirst, you definitely should. They are a homegrown software company with a reputation for building fun downloadable arcade -type computer games.

Shelfari: Where Book Lovers Meet

Earlier this week a very talented lady befriended me in a very unique way. Trevy McDonald sent me an email with the subject title “Do we like the same books?” It was an invitation to be one of her Shelfari Friends. In fact, she invited me twice because I didn’t answer the first request.

August 31st

Buying a Digital Camera: Resolution Explained

If you are shopping for a new digital camera, no doubt that you are looking at resolution and megapixels. But what does it all mean? Here is a thorough guide to this important digital camera feature.

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