Computing Review: September 15th Through September 21st

Can you believe it is already October? There is no doubt that Fall has come to my little piece of Pennsylvania, and it is time to update my personal website to reflect the Fall season. I need to take down or at least archive all of the photos from our summer adventures and get started on sharing this season’s new outings.

While all of that is rattling around in my head and on my desktop, I thought I would also do a little catching up on reviewing some of the September articles. Take another look at them and tell me what you think!

September 15th

Computing Review: September 1st Through September 7th

The technology that we have at our fingertips is amazing. I am constantly surprised at how much it has become part of our daily lives, from making home tasks easier, such as looking up a new recipe online, to bringing so much to to our door, uh keyboard; knowledge, entertainment and both old and new friends.

Computing Review: September 8th Through September 14th

Have you ever been a victim of an e-mail hoax? The answer is probably, yes. Did you did forward that message about the missing child, or the one about the everyday product that could cause cancer? We’ve started a new series here in the Computing Blog all about e-mail hoaxes. If you missed the beginning of the series, you can click below to review. Other interesting blogs this week include some tips on what to do if you accidentally sent out an e-mail that you shouldn’t have sent.

September 17th

Identifying E-Mail Hoaxes: Protecting Yourself

Do you know how to protect yourself and your family from an e-mail hoax? Some hoaxes are time wasters that clutter your inbox, while others are more dangerous hoaxes that may cost you money or compromise your safety. If you missed it, you might want to check out Identifying E-Mail Hoaxes.

September 19th

Happy Birthday to :-)

Can you believe that the :-) is 25 years old? That is right, the little colon-dash-right parenthesis smiley face has a birthday, at least according to the guy who claims to have invented it.

Website Hall of Fame: Dancing Things

Do you remember the famous Internet dancing baby that earned itself a place on a prime time television show? And who can forget the Hamster Dance?

September 20th

Hot EA Games Now on the Mac

EA games are now available for the Mac. Apple announced the release of six new titles of video games that are playable on the Mac, along with gaming gear to enhance the playing experience.

September 21st

Top Wii Games

Whether you’re looking for some new games to play on your Wii or just shopping around for the upcoming holiday season, you’ll want to check out this list of top Wii games. Some haven’t even been released, yet! Which ones will be your favorites?

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