Computing Week in Review: December 3rd Through December 9th

Will you wrap a robot to go under the tree this Christmas? Or maybe you are the type to give virtual gifts? Either way, you can do some serious gift planning with a free online tool. All of these articles and more are available for review.

This is the Computing week in review for December 3rd through December 9th.

December 3rd

Robots Come Home

Want to have a cleaner home or clean your gutters from the ground? With the new breed of robots, it is all possible. Welcome to the age of the Jetsons.

Computing Review: November 26th Through December 2nd

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, don’t you wish you had a robot to do some of the work for you? Well, I wouldn’t be surprised if you can find one that will help out within the next few years. (See the article I posted earlier today to find out which home robots are available right now).

December 4th

Virtual Gifts Is a Million Dollar Industry

When your holiday shopping, have you ever considered a virtual gifts? These items can’t be held, touched, smelled, although they can be posted on web pages, such as Facebook or used in virtual worlds, such as Second Life. The only thing real about these virtual presents is the fact that they cost actual money. And despite the idea of paying something for nothing, virtual gifts are a hot commodity. Users are shelling out millions of dollars for the privilege of giving virtual gifts. People are becoming more open to buying things that don’t really exist.

December 5th

2007 Video Game Report Card

MediaWise, a parent advocacy group for the National Institute on Media and the Family, released its report Tuesday on which video games are yeas and which are nays when it comes to family friendly content.

December 6th

Santa Talks Dirty, and Other Computing News for December 6th

In the headlines: Microsoft Santa Talks Dirty, New Intel Processors are Coming, and Facebook apologizes.

December 7th

Celebrating 25 Years of the Commodore 64

Back in 1982, when the Commodore 64 was first released, it was a huge breakthrough in home computing. It has earned the distinction of being the best selling single model computer of all time. Many others came afterward, from the Apple II and the Atari 800, to today’s modern computers, but the Commodore 64 still lives on in the hearts of many kids and adults who lived in the 1980s. And there is a new surge of interest in the Commodore 64, now that the machine has hit its 25th anniversary.

December 9th

Online Holiday Gift Planner

Take advantage of technology to plan your holiday gift giving. No more scribbled paper lists or just winging it. Thanks to this website, you can create wish lists, set budgets, track your spending and more. The information is all very organized into easy to read groups, and this online tool does all of the calculations for you, so you won’t even need that calculator. It is easy to adjust your budget as needed, so you won’t wind up paying more for gifts than you can afford. You can see at a glance how much you are spending.

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