Computing Week in Review: March 3rd Through March 9th

Do you know how to set the parental controls on your child’s video gamer system? It is an important thing to know, especially as mature games are getting more and more popular. If you missed the first article in this series, you can review it here. Look for more articles on this topic.

And now, here is the Computing Blog week in review for March 3rd through March 9th

March 3rd

Computing Week in Review: February 25th Through March 2nd

It has been a busy week for us here in technology-land. We’ve taken advantage of the free Lego Designer and have continued to discuss making money with your website. Here at home, we updated our own family website, although it is really just for fun.

March 4th

Setting Parental Controls on Your Video Game Systems

Do you test out every video game that your child plays before they play it? Do you rely on word from friends, websites or even your kids themselves to determine the appropriateness of each game? How do you keep children away from the more mature games that are already in the home played by older siblings, dad or mom? One of the ways to do this is by setting up the parental controls that are available in your video game system. Just like the famous v-chip or the parental controls that are available in some cable television systems, the parental controls in video game systems can help you stay in control of what your kids are exposed to when they play.

March 5th

Cell Phone Care

Ask most people how often they replace their cell phone, and they themselves might be surprised by what they tell you. From a very unscientific and informal survey of friends, relative and readers, I found that at least seven out of ten people (or 70 percent) replace a cell phone at least once a year. While some of these replacements are due to upgrades, the majority of reasons given for replacement were broken, lost or stolen cell phones.

March 7th

YouTube Roundup: Amazing Robots

I’m fascinated by all of those household robots that promise to do everything from make toast to hand wash the dishes. Here is a round up of some of the most interesting, scary or fascinating YouTube videos of household robots.

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