Concerns of Public Education: K = Keeping Records

In my concerns of public education series, I am to the letter K. For my concern of K, I have chosen keeping records.

Organization has never been a big strength of mine. I keep the things that I am supposed to keep but finding them may take a little time. In public education, we are required to keep everything.

We must keep track of all money coming in and money going out. The record logs must be in a certain type of ink and signed in a certain way. We have to keep track of what the students are eating for lunch and who needs lunch money in their account. We keep track of which students had their pictures made and which students were absent. We keep a running record of mastered skills and skills that need improvement. We keep records of who was absent or tardy and who has doctor excuses.

There are records of library books checked out and who was yesterday’s line leader. I keep track of who fed the fish last and whose turn it is now. There are records of doctor physicals and shots.

We are required to keep a record of all of the equipment in our room including personal items that we have purchased. We are to keep a record of every book, video, or learning material that we buy, even if it is out of our own pockets. We keep behavior charts of all of the students.

There is a record for almost anything that you can imagine.

So far, I have managed to keep fairly accurate details of all of these records. Naturally, I keep a closer check on those that I feel are more important. So what if I did not record a book that I bought! However, I am waiting for the day that I have not keep track of what I should. Record keeping in such massive form is definitely not a perk for me!


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