Concerns of Public Education: M = Management

For those of you keeping up with my concerns of public education series, I had a minor cliché in the alphabet. I mistakenly published N = New Teachers before M = Management. Therefore, today I will backtrack to M.

Teachers must learn to manage many things. First, teachers manage their classrooms in terms of the children. A teacher has to be able to oversee a group of students. They have to be able to seat the students and group the students in the best working combinations. Teachers must be able to identify teams of students that cannot work together and regroup with better companions.

The set-up of the room also has to be managed. Teachers must learn to create an atmosphere that is workable and likeable by the children. The children should feel comfortable in their learning environment. The management of a classroom will utilize every space for learning experiences and have the most logical set-up for easiest access by the children.

Teachers must also be able to manage in terms of discipline. A good teacher does not yell and scream every day. She can manipulate the students into the desired behavior through various transitions and songs. She has a well-planned day in order to deter from student opportunities for misbehaving and boredom.

Teachers are also managers of skills. A teacher has to be willing to manage running-records of the skills that each child has mastered. A teacher has to be able to identify the weaknesses of each child in the classroom. She has to be able to plan and manage lessons that met the needs of the students.

Good management is a very important element in teaching. I feel that this is a concern to public education because many management skills are not taught. It was only after trial and error that many of my management strategies came into effect. While many ideas must come from trail and error, education systems should take a focus on training teachers to be more effective managers in the classroom. I feel that if a focus was placed on this area, more intensive learning and less discipline could take place.

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