Concerns of Public Education: U = Uniforms

Uniform policies are a concern in many school districts. My school system does not require or enforce a school uniform policy. However, we do have a dress code policy.

Many districts are concerned about student attire and placing a uniform policy into effect. Some school officials feel that uniforms would cut down on concealed weapons and drugs in the schools, especially in middle school and high school. Others believe that having a school wide dress uniform policy would cut down on social competition among the students. Students could focus more on academics than social status and appearance.

However, placing a uniform policy into effect can cause a concern for many people. School administrators fear that rebellion will take place among students and parents. Students are concerned that their identity will be lost. Parents are concerned that the uniforms will cost them more money.

Regardless of whether a school wide uniform policy is in place or not, school administrators and teachers still deal with dress code concerns. If a uniform policy is in place, teachers must monitor and address those students who are not abiding by and following the uniform code. When a uniform policy is not in place, administrators must set-up some type of guidelines for students to follow. Teachers then must ensure that the students are following the guidelines. Either way, the topic of clothing must be addressed and monitored.

Many public education school districts are concerned with whether or not to place or continue a uniform dress policy. They must deal with issues such as how to address those on free and reduced lunch that insist that they cannot afford uniforms. Will uniforms be provided by the public education system? What consequences will students be required to serve if they do not abide by the uniform policy? Will teachers be required to wear uniforms also? Many concerns revolve around student and teacher dress and uniform codes.

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