Are you a Scrapbook Nazi?

I have a perfectionist scrapbooking friend. If something should be cut it should be done so correctly and in proper form. A layout is not complete until it looks like it should be featured in a magazine. Pictures should be close to professional quality to be used on a page. Embellishments must math in perfect color hue to be approved. Scissors should be kept as sharp as a samurai’s blade. This attitude makes scrapbooking alongside such a person very difficult. Do you know a scrapbook Nazi? Are you, perhaps, a scrapbook Nazi?

Signs You Could Be a Scrapbook Nazi:

If someone asks to borrow your scissors you demand they wipe it clean of prints and sharpen the blade before returning it.

You cannot sit by and watch a fellow scrapbooker use an embellishment that isn’t quite right without making your voice heard.

You never engage in co-scrapbooking endeavors because of the inadequacies of others.

You demand everyone meet at the scrapbooking session on time or go home.

You keep your scrapbooking items under lock and key.

You cringe as a fellow scrapbooker cuts a picture a bit too short.

You feel the need to conduct a class at every scrapbook meeting without invitation.

You refuse to share any tools or items due to fear of misuse.

Scrapbook Nazis are difficult to deal with. They can make you feel as if
your page is inadequate as they give you unsolicited advice in a condescending tone. They take up an entire table with no apology and refuse any type of help based on her scrapbook having a certain feel that may be ruined by untrained hands. The love of scrapbooking is turned on its ear into a thing of competition and frustrating scrapbook meetings. Be a on the lookout for those who impose their sense of perfection on your scrapbook page.

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