Consequences Of Unconfessed Sin

Is your Christian life at a standstill or even going backwards? Could the problem be unconfessed sin? Let’s see what we can learn from Psalm 32 about this.

David starts Psalm 32 by declaring how blessed is the one whose transgressions are forgiven. David knew the blessing of having His sins forgiven by God.
Do you know that same blessing?

David had experienced the consequences of unconfessed sin, verses 3-4.
Unconfessed sin can take a toll on our lives and sap our energy. Sometimes sin can be the direct cause of physical ailments as guilt eats away at us. Sins out in the open are easier dealt with than those we try and conceal. God know about them anyway. God promises that if we confess our sins He will forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, 1 John 1:9.

David realized the error of his ways and confessed his sin to God. What a difference it made. The relationship between David and God was restored, and God forgave His sin, verses 6-7.
Is there some sin in your life that you need to bring to God for His forgiveness?

David encourages the godly to pray. David knew the reality of God as His ‘hiding place.’
Do you encourage those around you to pray? Does your family see your example of prayer? Do they recognize that God is your hiding place?

God desires to teach and instruct His people in the right way, verse 8. Sometimes like David we turn away from God’s direction and leading. Like the horse and the mule we have to be brought back, verse 9.
One way or another God will get our attention and bring us back to His way. How much better it is, to come willingly to Him.

Verse 10 gives a lovely picture of love, like a protective hedge, encircling those who trust the Lord.
Do you have this same security in your life?

What we do with our sins is up to us. But so the are the consequences. We can know restlessness, guilt and perhaps physical ailments, as well as a broken relationship with God, because of unconfessed sin. Or we can know peace, forgiveness, joy and God’s love surrounding us. Which will you chose?

Bible references from the New International Version

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