Consideration for Neighbors

Wherever we live we are going to have neighbors. Whether we live in a flat or unit, in a town house, a house on a normal sized block or even a property out in the country, there will likely be some neighbors. It makes life far more pleasant if we got along with our neighbors. All it requires often is a bit of consideration for others.

We have a neighbor who often starts mowing his lawn and trimming edges in summer at 7am even on weekends. It doesn’t worry us because we are always up anyway. But I’m sure it worries other people, as not everyone is an early bird. I realize he is trying to get the lawn mowed before the heat of the day but still it’s not something Mick would ever do because he has more consideration for our neighbors. Similarly when Mick is spraying outside our house to get rid of spiders, he chooses a time when little children next door to us are not outside and inhaling the potent fumes of the spider spray over the fence.

Noise can be a big problem with neighbors. Those leaf blowers and vacuums can also be noisy and hard to deal with. Music played very loudly can get your neighbor off side. We used to have a neighbor once who played Mitch Miller songs while he was in the yard. The whole neighborhood got to hear them clearly as well, which can be a trial if it’s not your sort of music.

Anyone learning or playing a musical instrument might find they will encounter problems with neighbors as a friend of ours has. He is thinking now he might have to soundproof and then air-condition his music room so his neighbors are not bothered by him playing his drums.

Join me next time as I look at more way we might need to consider the neighbors.

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