Consideration for Neighbors- Part 2

People, and especially children, practicing an instrument can be hard on the ears. Years ago we used to live next to a school and they sent the children outside to practice with their recorders, right near my study window. Recorders were never my favorite instrument but I’ve had an aversion to them ever since.

Barking dogs can also be a problem. A couple I know was unaware their dog was barking whenever they went out as he didn’t bark when they were home. Then they got a visit from the council officer saying a complaint had been made. Another person I know had an anonymous and very curt letter left in their letterbox about their dog’s excessive barking. People can’t fix a problem unless they know about it. In each case how much better it would have been if the neighbor had gone to the person concerned and let them know quietly and reasonably what was happening and asked them to do something about it.

Loud parties can be a problem. If you’re planning a party let your neighbors know as a courtesy beforehand. If it’s for a special occasion and not a regular occurrence that happens every week I’m sure they won’t mind. If appropriate you might invite neighbors to the party. Make sure guests don’t invade and block the neighbor’s driveway or become noisy and over loud. This can happen with some people once they have a few drinks on board.

Even on a property noise can be a factor. A lady I know has an orchard. New neighbors moved in knowing the orchard was here, but now they don’t want the orchard owner spraying their trees or working or using farm machinery when they are having friends over for a barbecue, which seems to happen every weekend. In this case the people who made the request knew the orchard was there when they bought next to it. So it seems more than a little unreasonable then to expect the original property owners who have been there for years, to change their lifestyle to accommodate the new neighbor’s busy entertaining schedule.

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