Contacting Companies

There are many reasons contacting companies can be very rewarding. Not only does it give you the chance to tell a company what you thought of their products, but it also gives the companies a chance to hear honest feedback from their customers, and to know how their products are doing. A lot of companies are more than happy to reward you by sending coupons for your feed back, asking questions, making a suggestion or requesting additional information about their products.

Contacting companies is not only limited to products you buy at the store. You can also contact restaurants, stores, gas stations, drug companies, dry cleaners, or any company with which you do business.

How do you leave feed back? First, be honest and real. Let them know how their product or service has improved your life. Tell them how much your children enjoyed it or the way you used it. If there was a mistake or something was wrong with the product, let them know the product UPC number and give them as much detail as possible so they can research it and find out what went wrong. Remember that if you are writing to a company, leave your name and address or they won’t be able to send you coupons.

Most products have toll free numbers, e-mail, Internet addresses or mailing addresses on their products. However, if you can’t find the information you are looking for, here are a few other suggestions. You can find most companies on the Internet by typing their name into Google or by following this web site – GMA You can find company mailing addresses at this site: Consumer Action Website ConAgra has a web site that lists toll free numbers to their products.

Here is a sample letter to give you a guide about what to write. Please do not use this letter, it is only an example.

Dear Tyson,
My husband just loves your hot wings! He can’t get enough of them!
Can you believe that I have 6 boxes of them in my freezer and I’ll probably have to buy more in two weeks!
As for me, I’m crazy about your chicken breast patties and my son loves the nuggets!
Thanks for making such great products!
Suzie Homemaker

There is also an ongoing thread in the Deals Forums about contacting companies, which lists many companies other people have had success in writing to and receiving coupons from: The Official Contacting Companies Thread

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