Cool Fun in Hot Weather

It’s hot out there! In many parts of the country, it’s hot enough to see headlines like “Heat Wave.” So, how can you and your kids have fun, stay safe, and stay cool?

*First, apply waterproof sun block and then find ways to limit the time spent outdoors without cutting out all the fun. Set a timer if necessary to avoid lengthy exposure to the sun and heat.

Make a Fountain

You and your kids can construct your own fountain. It’s interesting and you can of course get wet while trying to build your work of art. Stack buckets, clean plastic bottles and other containers inside a wading pool to create a fountain. Have one bucket or bottle overflowing into a larger one, etc. This activity will probably take 20-30 minutes. You should be able to construct a pretty good fountain, play for a few minutes, and still get back inside within less than half an hour to avoid over exposure.

Water Balloon Fight

Have a quick water balloon fight. Fill up an agreed upon number of balloons, divide them up and go crazy getting each other wet. When the balloons are gone, it’s time to go back inside. For added interest, and to make it last a little longer than five minutes, set up two areas as posts for each team or player. Set a time for five minutes. When the timer rings, each team or person much switch posts. This may mean having less balloons if the others threw quite a few. Switch back again in five more minutes.

Family Car Wash

Even if the car isn’t that dirty, you and your kids can have a good time washing the car, splashing each other, and squirting each other with the hose. An additional benefit is that it won’t take very long so your kids won’t be overexposed. It still makes sense to apply sun block, but you’ll have fewer risks when the time spent in direct sunlight is limited, and you’ll have fun getting wet and cooling off.