Corn and Dieting Don’t Mix

“I love corn but it doesn’t seem to be allowed on any diet. Why is that?”

Corn is a favorite vegetable of many of us. Unfortunately, what few people understand is that corn, though it is a vegetable, is loaded with starch.

5 ounces of sweet yellow corn contains the following:

115 calories

1g Fat

1.5mg Sodium

27.4g Carbohydrates

3.4g Fiber

4.3g Sugar

3.6g Protein

It is also high in Vitamins A and C.

These numbers say a lot to anyone trying to lose weight. The calories in corn are significantly higher than the calories in most other vegetables. The number of carbohydrates in a serving of corn is actually higher than the number of carbohydrates in the same size serving of oatmeal! While there are a few grams of fiber, the grams of sugar in corn far outweigh fiber and protein content. If you weigh the pros and cons of corn, the answer is pretty obvious.

Let’s consider a few other foods that we know are very bad for diets:

Corn tortillas

Corn syrup

Corn Chips



All of these are derived from corn and are very bad for anyone on a diet. Some simple math should tell all of us that corn is not allowed on most weight loss diets for very good reason. Although corn is a vegetable and has plenty of fiber, is has an inordinate amount of starch compared to other vegetables.

My advice to those who do love corn and want to include it in their diet is to consider it a starch when planning your menu. Instead of having a slice of whole grain bread, a serving of rice or other grains, replace it with a serving of corn. This will help you to keep balance in your diet while still having a food that you love.