Could You Be the Scrapbooker of the Year?

It is fun to think about winning big prizes and maybe a little fame for all of our scrapbooking efforts. You could make your dream a reality if you enter Creating Keepsakes’ Scrapbooker of the Year contest and win.

I have not been one to usually enter my work for contests or magazine submissions, but this one contest I will have to consider. The prize list definitely caught my attention: $10,000 cash (that could buy a lot of scrapbook supplies!) and prize packages from the contest sponsors. The ten finalists will win a trip to Las Vegas for the Memory Trends Trade Show this October. I have attended these trade shows and they are very exciting because you get the all of the latest products out on display. The winner will be announced at the trade show.

Here is what you will need to do to enter the contest.

You need to send in copies of 20 of your favorite layouts. They can be one or two page layouts. Creating Keepsakes will only accept 8 layouts that have been published or posted on an online forum. This seems like a great opportunity for those scrapbookers who have not been submitting or posting their work.

You also need to send in an essay where you share how scrapbooking has affected your life and where you think this hobby will take you and this industry in the future. I’m sure that there will be some very creative answers.

You need to include all of your contact information and a list of supplies used for all 20 layouts. I would recommend completing a list of supplies after you finish each layout if you are creating new layouts for this contest.

This contest may motivate me to really get to work and complete some fun layouts. I hope this contest will inspire you to complete your best work and send it in! Good luck with the contest.

You can check out Creating Keepsakes’ website for more information.