Could You Run A Franchise From Home?

If the thought of running a business from home appeals to you but the idea of actually creating the business that you will run seems overwhelming, then you may want to consider buying into a franchise. There are actually franchises that you can run from your own home.

Entrepreneur Magazine has created a list of its Top Ten Homebased Franchises for 2011. I decided to take a look at some of the franchises on the list to see what they are all about, because sometimes their names do not describe them fully. For example, System 4, the #10 ranked home-based franchise, is a commercial cleaning company. Commercial cleaning is a very popular franchise idea – at least two of the other top ten franchises, #3-ranked JanPro and #1-ranked Vanguard Cleaning systems are also commercial cleaning franchises.

Some franchises that are on the list have been around a while and are still enjoying great success. For example, Jazzercise, a fun, fitness franchise, has been around since the early eighties and is still popular. I am not sure whether there has been a corresponding resurgence in the popularity of eighties-inspired fitness wear like leotards and leg warmers, but it’s possible because it seems like last year, eighties fashion was all the rage.

When you are deciding whether or not becoming a franchisee is right for you, a major factor will likely be whether or not you can afford the startup costs. Unfortunately, all of the Top Ten franchises on the list mentioned above cost almost three thousand dollars or more. However, if owning a franchise that you can run from home is truly a good fit for you, then you may be able to think creatively and find a way to piece together the financing that you need to acquire it. Good luck.