Could Your Husband Cope?

Could your husband cope if you were laid up for a while? The impression I get from many women, particularly those around my age group or older, is that their husbands wouldn’t know the first thing about how to cook a meal, do the laundry or do any of the other household chores that need to be done, especially when the wife is laid up. This puts pressure on the wife to keep going, even when she should not because she is too sick.

Mick thankfully has done a great job over the last few weeks and given the ongoing back problem may have to for a while yet. The best thing is he has done it all with good humor and actually seems to be enjoying himself finding new recipes to cook.

Yesterday at church someone asked if he’d like them to bring over a meal. Mick declined. In our church at present we have a few people struggling with sickness and health issues. Mick was happier to let those, who were so inclined, help out those husbands who can’t cope. After all in his own words, ‘Thanks but I’m fine.’

He didn’t say it, but I suspect he’s secretly insulted by the inference that he couldn’t cope and is proud that he can. Needless to say I am too. I get fed up with men who don’t know how to turn the washing machine on or cook a meal for themselves. It makes me wonder if a lot can be traced back to the way they were brought up. Did they have a mother who fussed over their every need and never expected them to help around the house simply because they were male?

Often too, those who moved out of home and flatted for a time for before getting married are better equipped to fend for themselves. Our son and our son-in law can both cook and know enough to do household chores and can and do easily take over if their wives are not well or experiencing difficulties. What about your husband? If you were laid up for a time how would they cope?

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