Couples’ Photos for Valentine’s Day

I know scores of women who would go gaga if their significant other suggested they book a professional photo session to document their love for one another. In most cases guys shy away from posing for the camera, and wouldn’t dream of spending big bucks to hire a pro shutterbug to snap him kissing and cuddling his sweetheart—-even on Valentine’s Day. However, subtract some clothing and his tune might change on a dime.

Boudoir photography, which includes intimate images of couples, is a very popular genre. It is intended to be sexy and sensual, but not in a raunchy way. Rather, couples are encouraged to pose in more of a teasing or flirting manner. This particular genre of photography is not categorized as pornography or eroticism. Instead, the idea is to merely capture a hint of sexuality.

One of the problems with boudoir photography is its fluidity of boundaries. Since subjects have different ideas of what is sexual or sensual, what may be innocent to you may be shockingly risque to someone else. For example, some couples are perfectly comfortable having their photo taken while they are in bed with a sheet placed strategically over certain body parts. Meanwhile, other subjects would be mortified posing in bed with their lovers, and would prefer having their photo taken in silhouette.

The bottom line if you are the photographer is to let your subjects find their comfort zone during the shoot. The more comfortable the subject, the more likely he or she will be to relax and participate in the shoot.

If you have a particularly shy couple who insists on taking boudoir shots, then consider adding a bit of playfulness to the session by encouraging the subjects to get into character. Choose a theme, such as the roaring 20s and decorate the entire room to reflect that particular era. Next, have your photo subjects get in on the fun by donning hairstyles and seductive clothing from the decade. You could even extend the theme by shooting black-and-white images.

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