Coupon Codes

Everyone knows about clipping coupons to save money at a store, but do you know that you can do basically the same thing when shopping online? Finding online coupon codes has become the passion for bargain hunters worldwide. But, what is the deal with coupon codes, anyway? Or, more importantly, what are they?

So, here’s the skinny on online coupon codes. Coupon codes are basically a password code that is entered in at the end of an online purchase. Maybe you’ve bought something online and barely noticed the empty field where you can type in an online coupon code. These codes are really the same as coupons you’d use at a regular store–if you have the right code you get some type of special offer. What you may not know is that some of these codes are available on the web. Just doing a simple search for “coupon codes” you can find many websites dedicated to sharing online coupon codes. These websites have lists of online companies with the specific deals and the corresponding code. For instance, you might find a store with the coupon code: C56H. By entering this code into the field, you can receive 15% off of your entire purchase.

Want to find a coupon code for a specific company? Well, that’s another story. My experience has been pretty hit-or-miss. What I would recommend is that anytime you make an online purchase, and you get to that empty space for a coupon code, take a minute to look for one. Do a quick search using the company name and the words “coupon code.” You might find something, but then again, you may not. I have sometimes gotten discounts by looking for coupon codes, but other times I have not been able to find a code that I could use.

Not too long ago, my husband was buying an expensive textbook online. When he noticed the empty field, he thought he might as well try a search for a coupon code. Quickly, he was able to find an online code and he saved about $20 bucks. Pretty good deal for a few minutes work.