Coupon Dictionary (Part 2)

Insert Coupons ~ Insert coupons are manufacturer coupons found in the Sunday paper. They are usually one of the three main booklets of coupons, Smart Source, Valassis and Proctor & Gamble.

Internet Printed Coupon (IP) ~ A manufacturer coupon in which you can print from your computer.

Newbie ~ Someone who is new to the world of coupons and trying to learn the ropes.

Non Insert Coupons ~ Non Insert Coupons are any coupon not found in the Sunday paper. Example: Peelies, Blinkies and Tearpads.

Peelies ~ Peelies are coupons which are attached to a specific product. You can peel these off and redeem them now or for future purchases.

Potluck ~ A potluck is an assortment of various coupons which a person mails out to another person.

Price Book ~ A Price Book is a notebook or a list created for the purpose of tracking prices. This allows you to determine that when a product goes on sale, if it is a good price. You can also record prices you have previously paid for items, so you know if you have gotten a better deal in the past. See this Frugal Living Blog on Price Books: The Price Book by Marily Smith

Price Matching (PM) ~ Price Matching is when a store will allow you to purchase a product at their competitors prices.

Printable Coupon ~ A manufacturer coupon in which you can print on your computer.

Proctor & Gamble (P & G) ~ Once a month Proctor & Gamble distributes a manufacturer coupon booklet. These can be found in the Sunday paper.

Rain Checks (RC) ~ A certificate issued by the store, if a sale item runs out. It guarantees that same sale price to you when you come back to the store, even after the sale.

Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) ~ When someone sends you coupons with no strings attached.

Smart Source (SS) ~ Smart Source is a company that distributes a booklet of manufacturer coupons. These can be found in the Sunday papers.

Stockpile (SP) ~ A stockpile is a collection of all your extra food and household items that you got at a really good deal. See the Preparedness Blog for many Blogs on Food Storage here.

Super Double Coupons (SD) ~ Stores who choose to double $1+ the value of the coupon. Example: $1 coupon is redeemed for $2.00.

Tear Pads ~ Tear Pads is a pad of coupons or rebate forms. These can usually be found hanging on the store shelf or an in-store display.

Triple Coupons ~ Stores who choose to triple the face value of the coupon. Example: .35 coupon would be redeemed for $1.05. Each store is different in the value of coupon they wish to triple.

Valassis (V) ~ Valassis is a company that distributes a booklet of manufacturer coupons. These can be found in the Sunday papers.

(WT’s) ~ These are very special coupons, usually found around the neck of wine bottles. A lot of times they are very non-specific, and for any product. Examples: $ off any cheese, $ off any seafood and $ off any beef.

Wishlist (W/L) ~ A wishlist is a list of coupons, created by a coupon trader, which tells what coupons they are looking for. This allows other traders to see if they have what another is looking for. See the Wish List Directory here.

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