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Okay, I can remember the ONE (and only) time I went to Chuck E. Cheese as a child. It was for a friend’s birthday party. Now, I was an abnormal child, apparently, because I did not like pizza very much. In fact, whenever my family went to our local pizza parlor my parents had to practically bribe me to eat ONE single solitary (get the point?) slice of pizza. I loved the Italian ices that our local pizza parlor offered, but I was only allowed to have one if I ate one slice of pizza first. I’m not sure what it was about pizza that I didn’t like, but I can only guess that it may have been the crust: hard, crunchy, and, well…crusty! I had to have been around six years old when I went to Chuck E. Cheese and tasted my first (and only) pizza with a softer crust. I loved it! And…that was the only time I ever tried it. Sometimes I joke with my husband (we don’t yet have children) that we should go on a date there.

So, what is the moral of the story? If your child does not like pizza, try Chuck E. Cheese! It might just be the crusty crust that deters them. And they’ll probably grow out of it, sooner or later. And hey, Chuck E. Cheese has a great play area with games and rides galore, so after the kids eat their dinner they can play the night away! Fun all around!

(Rest assured, I love pizza now. Especially New York style. Yum!)

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