Craft Time: Making Magnets

Craft Time: Making Magnets

Here is a fun, quick craft project you can work on with your kids that can spice up the magnet collection on your fridge.

Supplies needed:

1. Bazzill Heavy Duty Magnets – these magnets are so small that I figured I would have to use a couple on the back of each magnet. That was not the case as they are very strong and had no problem holding the magnet to the board.

2. Scraps of patterned paper – this is a great way to use up the scraps sitting around in your craft space.

3. Modge Podge – This is a glue and sealer that is generally used on decoupage projects. It dries clear and works great on this project. Use a foam paint brush to apply the glue and rinse paint brush as soon as you finish applying the glue.

4. Mosaic Clear Pebbles

5. Hot Glue (and Glue Gun) – I tried using glue dots, but they were not strong enough.

All of the items can be found at a craft store.

1. Place one of the clear mosaic pebbles onto patterned paper and trace. Cut out paper. Try to not have any paper hang over the edge of the pebble because that will not look as nice. The pebbles I used were one-inch circles and I used my Fiskars circle cutter to cut the circles quickly.

2. After all of the paper is cut out, coat the patterned side of the paper with modge podge and place on the flat side of the mosaic pebble.

3. Allow the modge podge to dry.

4. Heat the hot glue gun and use a small dot of hot glue to attach a magnet to the back of each patterned paper.

5. Enjoy displaying your new magnets!